Monday, March 7, 2005

Dancing Girl

Have you ever seen a six-month old belly dance? It is a hilarious sight indeed! Whenever Alyssa's clothes are off or if she is wearing a shirt that she can lift up, her baby belly starts rolling around. She then starts hitting her tummy with her hands as if there is a rhythm going on in her head and then she smiles one of her oh-so-sweet smiles.

We can add this new form of dancing to her already established routines which include ballet and praise dancing. She already seems to know first position and other select ballet moves which she readily demonstrates whenever the fancy hits her, sometimes with music and sometimes without.

Praise dancing is her most highly perfected form of bodily expression and it is best seen to the worship tunes of Michael W. Smith. As the music proclaims God's goodness, Alyssa's chubby little hands reach for the sky and her arms wave back and forth. It is hard to watch her and not feel that everything is OK in the world.

Hallelujah for music and dancing!

1 comment:

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