Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Review: How To Evaluate A Suitor

How To Evaluate a Suitor is a CD featuring a presentation by Doug Phillips, founder of Vision Forum Ministries, on helping a father properly evaluate a man interested in marriage to his daughter.

468932: How to Evaluate a Suitor                    - Audiobook on CDHow to Evaluate a Suitor - Audiobook on CD

What a wonderful CD for parents like me and my husband who grew up thinking that dating was the only option for finding a life partner but who now realize there is a better way: God's way. Combining biblical directives with practical wisdom, Doug Phillips gives a wonderful vision for the godly way to the marriage altar. This is one we will listen to again and again.

Click below to hear a sample of the message.

How To Evaluate A Suitor

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  1. Hello! My name is Wendy. This is my first time here. May I tell you a little about myself? We Homeschooled our children "from the beginning" and now they're graduated, though they're still single and living at home. We found out about Courtship, and became committed to it for our family, many years ago, when our children were little. One of the books that we read at that time was, "The Princess and the Kiss". (There was also a good one called, "The Rose", I believe; it was a really good analogy!) We've been pleased to watch as many friends' children have courted, married, had children, and are enjoying beautiful marriages. We've seen how it works very successfully. We look forward to our children's courtships and marriages. I have the CD "How to Evaluate a Suitor" (as I recall I thought it was great--haven't listened to it recently though:) and many other Vision Forum resources and I also highly recommend them.
    I want to invite you and your readers, if you're interested, to a series on "Love and Marriage" that I'm doing on Mondays at Faith's Firm Foundation, my blog, and I'll be, among other things, including courtship stories, comparing courtship and dating, and generally talking about the subjects of love and marriage. When our kids were little, though it seemed "way off in the future" at the time, we started to talk about being courtship-minded and taught them to choose to save their first kiss for their wedding day, and not to date, or give their hearts away, to save themself for their husband or wife. They were only 10 and 7 yrs old or younger, but it was an accepted commitment by the time they were old enough to realize there were "boys" (or "girls") in the world (which happens younger and younger, it seems).
    Many of the things you talk about here tie in well to my writing subjects. I think that I would call our family very "home-centered". That has been a commitment. Well, I'm sorry for how long this comment turned out. It's been fun to visit here and look around. I enjoyed reading several of your posts. I hope to "see" you again soon.
    Wendy @ Faith's Firm Foundation