Monday, October 13, 2008

NEW! Shop for Homeschool Books

UPDATE 11-04-2008:
Due to popular demand, our homeschool book store now has a new address at The Christian Homeschool.

We will be adding many more features to the new site but go on over now and take a look.

You may still order books by the categories below but also feel free to begin shopping the new store.

Through Christian Book Distributors, I am able to offer a homeschool store right on this blog! Shop by grade level, publisher, subject or type of media (DVDs, audiobooks or software). Look for more to be added soon.
Advantages of shopping through CBD:
1. Look Inside feature- I have found it most helpful to be able to look inside a book to preview it before I buy. Because of this feature, I have been able to stop returning books because they were not a good fit.
2. Customer reviews- I enjoy reading the reviews other customers have left on an item. I have not purchased certain items I thought I would once I read the reviews.
3. Up-to-date ordering systems- I always feel uncomfortable ordering from websites that seem behind the times in their ordering systems. You can start an account at CBD which will save addresses and credit card information if you want it to do so. The cart will tell you how much more you can purchase before you hit a new level of shipping fee and it will sometimes even suggest additional items that co-ordinate with the items in your cart.
4. A wishlist- available to help you keep track of items you may be unable to purchase right away but hope to purchase (or have purchased for you as a gift!) later. The wish list can be printed or e-mailed to give to your husband LOL!
5. Prompt e-mail communication -informing you of the status of your order. They warn you not to scroll down if you are not expecting anything as that may mean someone in your household ordered you a gift. Isn't that thoughtful?
6. Shipping- it is fast, reliable and reasonably priced. Need I say more?
I love shopping at Christian Book Distributors and I am excited to partner with them to bring you these specialized areas of homeschool resources to make your search for homeschool teaching materials a bit easier. Stay tuned for our Christmas gift store, too.
Happy Shopping!
Know what you want? Enter it into the search box to find what you are looking for today. Or scroll down to shop or browse by categories.

Scroll down to choose from the categories below to browse, research or buy:

How to Homeschool Books and More
Subject Categories
Homeschool by Grade Level
Homeschool Fifth Grade

Christian Curriculum Publishers
Other Media
Thank you for shopping. Tell all homeschool moms you know about this convenient way of ordering homeschool books.
Please suggest additional categories if you think of any.
Thank you for helping me realize my dream of operating a Christian bookstore!

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