Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Fun Boy Gift On Vision Forum

Vision forum is having a sale on some of their favorite toys and boys and girls and I just popped over there to complete my Christmas shopping.

The toy that my son wants the most is apparently the toy that many other boys want as well, the Amphibious Remote-Controlled Tankis selling out fast and none will be re-ordered once they are gone. The Amphibious Tank is now back-ordered but my cart says I will receive it in 9-13 business days.

If you are looking for a real toy to engage your older boys, this is it. Check out the online video demonstration of how the toy works before you buy.

Why Not Just Video Games For Boys?
Studies show that video games, most popular among boys and the most popular gift parents will buy their boys this Christmas, are not good for the emotional or physical health of boys. We constantly hear how American boys are on a steady downward decline according to many measures.

Video games do not allow boys to act out their own fantasies, fears and interests from the depths of their own imaginations. Playing with real toys has been shown in study after study to be superior.

Even if you do not buy this toy, buy your growing boys lots of real toys this Christmas. Activity sets, construction toys, nature items and science kits make good alternatives as boy gifts this Christmas.

See our Educational Gift Guide for more educational gift ideas.

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