Friday, February 18, 2005

The Joy of Cold

Temperatures are frigid here in Northeast Ohio but there is something so cozy about being in our nice warm, home all together today. I used to complain about the weather here but I have learned that there will always be something wrong with the weather here in Ohio. If I do not look for something positive in every weather condition, I could basically be miserable all year long! I still may tend to have negative thoughts about the weather but I try to catch myself and speak a positive word instead.

I also need to do the same with my family life. I could complain about every age and every stage of childrearing. We have all heard the litany: Moms of newborns complain of not getting enough sleep, moms of 6-months olds complain of solid food being all over the floor, moms of toddlers (including myself!) complain of chasing after running, climbing, squealing little ones. And moms of teenagers of course have complaints too numerous to mention.

We must make up our minds to enjoy every stage God has blessed us with. We should praise God that our children are developing and growing according to His design. These days will never come again. We have heard enough empty-nester parents lament "My kids just grew up too fast." And so many more warn me "Enjoy every day with your kids as much as you can- they will never be small again." I believe in following the wisdom of parents who have been through what I am going through and made it to the other side. I pray that God will give me revelation NOW to enjoy my kids every day, every month, every year, through every stage so that I will not have many regrets when they get older.

Today's Devotion:

Dear Lord, We thank you and we praise you for your Divine design of our children's growth through various stages and ages. Help us to be ever-mindful that our children are our blessing. Help us to never take them for granted. Give us the patience, joy and sense of humor that we need to keep us going every day. Show us when we are complaining too much and not enjoying enough. Help us speak a positive word to other parents who may not be able to see the joy in their current parenting situation. And we pray today O Lord for those parents whose children are not developing as expected. We pray for the parents of children with developmental delays to have strength, perseverance and even joy in their circumstance and we pray for complete healing for their children. In Jesus' Name we pray.

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