Monday, February 28, 2005

Wisdom from One Who Has Been There

I had a wonderful meeting the other day with a woman from my church, Kathy. Although we went to college together, Kathy chose a different path than the one I chose. She married and had children before she started her career and now is the proud mother of 3 very nice and well-behaved children (including 2 teens) and an English teacher. I found her words of parenting wisdom very practical yet comforting. I realized how much I could grow as a parent by learning from spiritually sound parents such as Kathy. Not only did she encourage me to become a better, more confident parent but she also encouraged me to pursue my own spiritual growth.

The one statement she made that really affected me was "Your kids will survive your humanity." Sometimes I worry so much about the mistakes I have made as a parent (and those I have yet to make). Of course, I know in my heart that I have no need of worry but the temptation is so great at times and I become weak. Remembering her words has helped me to keep things in perspective and remember that it is not all about me. As long as I keep praying, for my children and for my ability to be a better parent, God can do the rest.

Today's Devotional:

Philippians 4:13 (KJV)
I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.

Dear Lord,
Remind me that you stand by me, helping me to become a better parent. Help me to continually seek you in all that I do, knowing that your wisdom and goodness are true. As I pray for my children daily, remind me to have faith that you hear my prayers and answer them. Thank you for your faithfulness O Lord and all praises to your Mighty Name. In Jesus Name I pray.


  1. What a wonderful perspective. Having grown up in a dysfunctional home, I struggle daily with fears that I'm too easily giving in to old patterns that did so much damage. But, as you say, I survived my parents' humanity. I guess I just hope for better than survival, for my son.

    I'd like to add, too, that I think our kids remember not so much what we *did* as what we *tried.* So we're not always successful at connecting with our kids... at least we tried, and they know it, and if we keep trying we will succeed.

    Thanks for a great blog!

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