Friday, February 25, 2005

The Mommy Mysteries

So much of life with little ones seems very mysterious. Even the wisest, most seasoned Grandma's among us seem to have a hard time answering certain questions like:

Why do little ones always need something from you, begin to sing loudly or find musical instruments to play as soon as you get on the telephone? They were fine a few minutes ago, but now... In my home, I can be sitting at the computer, relatively undisturbed as Alysaa, 15 months and Chase, 4 years, play quietly and (relatively) peacefully nearby. Uh-oh, the phone is ringing! Mommy is about to talk to someone so it's time for all bedlam to break loose! Whining or crying, tugging and pulling along with banging and shouting seem to erupt all at once. Can anyone explain this mystery to me?

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