Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Birthday Prayer For My Daughter

Lord, I thank you for mychildren and for the blessing of being a mother. Today, on Alyssa's fifth birthday, I take a special moment to thank you for the gift of Alyssa.

Thank you for her safe delivery, infancy and toddlerhood. Thank you for protecting her through her preschool years.

Thank you for drawing her to yourself and to me. Thank you for building strong and precious bonds between me and my daughter.

Lord, continue to build and strengthen Alyssa's relationship with You and with me.

Keep her safe and healthy. Surround her with godly friends and role models. Prepare her for the perfect godly husband and help her to recognize him when he appears.

Help to prepare her for the blessings and trials of motherhood and equip me to be her guide.


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