Sunday, November 16, 2008

CBD Christmas Store

Christian Book Distributors

Christmas Store
has just about everything you may want to help you celebrate Christmas. In the coming weeks, I will highlight some of my favorite authors, Thomas Kinkade, gifts for boys, girls, moms and dads all from their extensive catalog. As I have often stated on this blog, I prefer to shop at Christian Book Distributors for everything that I can because:
1. They have generally lower prices on what I want
2. Lots of things are on sale
3. I can preview (look in books, listen to music, etc. before I buy)
4. Shipping charges are reasonable
5. Shipping is reliable- I usually get my packages sooner than predicted
6. I like supporting a company committed to providing Christian products

Check back often in the coming weeks or subscribe to this blog in the upper left hand side to keep up with great special and deals as well as our Interactive online Christmas gift catalog to help you easily complete your Christmas shopping from home.

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